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Here comes trouble! Bring some demihumans to your Black Hack games with this packet of six new classes, each a unique take on non-core ancestries, with fresh new spins on old favorites.

Want a dwarf that's so badass they cannot die? Try out the Runebastard. The Elf Hexflinger brings a risk/reward aspect with a simple new magic system powered by the characters' own life essence. Or maybe necromancy is your thing, in which case the Gnome Cogromancer will have you bringing almost anything back to life to fight for you.

Maybe you prefer the agile and inspiring Kobold Flamedancer, who can dish out damage in melee, and comes with their own breath weapon. There's always the Goblin Toxshifter if you prefer to skulk in the shadows, poison your blades and experiement with dangerous substances. Finally, the Halfling Grubstalker brings a hankering for fine food, but watch out for their hunger-based rage ability should you ever skip a meal!

There's more to discover in this pack of six classes, including a folder of high quality art assets and a primer for referees on using these classes at the table.

[This is a third party supplement for The Black Hack 2nd edition, "The Black Hack" and the hand logo are copyright David Black. Feel free to use the words in this supplement however you wish so long as you credit me, art and layout is copyright Dilarus 2020]


Six Little Classes for The Black Hack 2nd Edition.zip 11 MB

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