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It's time to get wild!

Following on from my previous set of six classes for The Black Hack 2nd Edition, here comes the explosive Gorgon Boombrewer and the push-your-luck Gnoll Bonethrower! Note that both of these classes are recommended for more experienced players and GMs, or for those who don't mind a bit more crunch.

First up, the Gorgon Boombrewer uses alchemical ingredients (and monster parts) to make brews with crazy, and often explosive, effects. There's no preset list of brews, so work with your GM for quickfire potion effects. Of course, no true gorgon would be complete without snake hair and a stony gaze attack!

And that brings us to the Gnoll Bonethrower. Focusing specifically on thrown weapons (a criminally overlooked category in my opinion), with a new mechanism for adding push-your-luck to attack rolls, the Gnoll Bonethrower is a class for all those players who want to roll a fistful of dice, and win big!

Race-as-class getting you down?

Here's a bonus tip for everyone who wants a bit more variety in their classes; Both these and any of my previous classes can be remixed by taking all the class features from one class, and the ancestral abilities of another to make new combinations. Want a Gorgon Runebastard? Go for it! A Gnome Bonethrower? Why not!

Thank you so much everybody for downloading my content here on itch.io, you lot are awesome!

[This is a third party supplement for The Black Hack 2nd edition, "The Black Hack" and the hand logo are copyright David Black. Feel free to use the words in this supplement however you wish so long as you credit me. Art and layout is copyright Dilarus 2020]


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